Quebracho Hardwood Charcoal

We sustainable harvest and hand make the best Charcoal in Paraguay

The densest Wood makes the best Charcoal!

Our White Quebracho hardwood is known throughout South America as the “axe breaker”.
Denser wood makes better charcoal, quebracho is the densest wood we could find.


Extremely Hot
3+ Hour Burn Time
No Smoke
No Sparks
Mild Flavor
Low Ash %

In Paraguay with German Standards

Calipar SRL is a german Family business in the Chaco region of Paraguay, producing and exporting  premium Lump Charcoal in to 17 different Countries. We know how hard it is these days to do business with south american countries, thats why we focus on high quality and great customer service all year around . 

Our big advantage over most of the paraguayan exporters is that we manufacture the charcoal ourselves, with our own kilns and staff. That way we control 100% of the wood inside the charcoal and the quality itself. Other exporters depend and rely heavily on local charcoal producers.  

made by germans paraguay
Our premium White Quebracho Charcoal is pure and all natural with no mix of other junk softwoods inside. 
We do the hard work ourselves, we produce the charcoal the old way, hand picked, cut and burned in our brick kilns. That way we always guarantee quality!
All our production farms have approvals from both SEAM and INFONA (environmental protection agencies of Paraguay), that means all our raw material is waste wood from developing cattle farms, acquired legally and in accordance with our local laws.
quebracho paraguay
We only use White Quebracho because it produces the best Charcoal!
White Quebracho is known as “axe breaker” and one of the hardest woods ever. If you need long burning charcoal, this is the one you would choose. 
Extremely hot and long lasting, thats why our Charcoal is used in the best Restaurants worldwide. More than 7000 cal/g power is packed inside our premium Quebracho coal. 
It gets better; all of that comes with no smoke and no sparks! And once it’s burned completely you stay with very little ash. 


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