White Quebracho Charcoal Specs

Fixed carbon - 80%

Fixed carbon is the best measurement for assessing coal quality. Higher fixed carbon results in higher energy output per kg, longer burn times, less ash content and a purer burn. We exceed the European DinPlus standard of quality, at 80% our charcoal is very good.

Density 350kg/m3

You already know that the harder the wood, the better the charcoal. White Quebracho charcoal has a density of up to 350kg/m3, burns hotter and longer than Maple, Oak, Hickory, Mesquite and Marabu.

Volatile matter - 15%

Everything in charcoal that is not carbon or water, and it’s the main reason for black smoke and bad smell of normal charcoal. Standard charcoal has close to 40% volatiles, thats a lot! Our premium quebracho grade has only 15%. Produced so you can taste the food, not the charcoal!

Ash - 4%

Charcoal Ash is the mineral matter in the original wood thats not burned off in the carbonization process. Higher ash content causes lower burning temperature and lower ash content means less cleaning and more grilling.

Moisture content - max 4%

Wet Charcoal has lower calorific value and is more difficult to light. We produce and deliver premium quality Charcoal, not Water! 

Heat - 7000 CAL/G

Burns at over 750 Celsius, almost twice that of the chandard charcoal you find on the market. Top Chefs prefer our charcoal because the toughest cuts of meat are easily seared at these temperatures. Comparing our pure quebracho charcoal with standard coal, you only need half the amount for your grill party!


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